The Safety of Every Guest is our Number One Concern and Priority!


·        Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed – anyone appearing under the influence will be removed/refused admittance and reported to the authorities.

·        Security is provided by professional security comprised of off duty police, fire and EMS personnel.

·        At least one female security agent will always be onsite.

·        No backpacks are allowed inside Revive.

·        All purses/handbags will be searched for contraband.  Metal detector wands will be used when entering.

·        All Employees and volunteers are Act 34 & 151 certified. (Criminal Background and Child Abuse Clearances)

·        Regular bathroom checks will be made by security/staff.

·        The Parking lot will be patrolled both by Local Police as well as staff and security.

·        There will be absolutely no loitering in the parking lot.

·        Re-entry into Revive is prohibited except as stated below.  

·        Anyone wishing to visit their vehicle will do so only under security escort.

·        Security is there to protect the safety of guests.  Any suspected criminal acts will be immediately turned over to the police.

·        Proper ID is required to enter.  Only teens in High School are permitted (ages 14-19).



·        Anyone violating the posted rules will be logged and may be permanently banned from all Revive events.


·        These events are endorsed by the local police departments.
Everyone attending a Revive event will receive a wrist band or stamp indicating their attendance
Hours vary by location/event
Club Revive's mission is to promote, through example, that teens can have a
great time without the use of drugs or alcohol and to provide  them with a safe, secure  and controlled Nightclub environment in which to do so.